General Mechanic

Dube Pneu et Mecanique is a trusted automobile repair shop providing quality services of general mechanic and car maintenance.

We are proudly a CAA Quebec recommended repair shop. Enjoy your CAA rebate of 3% back in CAA money. Also, we respect a parts and labor warranty of 1 year or 20 000 km.

We participate in the PPP program.

  Groupe PPP : protection automobile

For the maintenance of your brakes, the replacement of your fluids or filters, we will always provide you conseils and recommendations. Think to Dube Pneu et Mecanique for your car repair needs:

  • Brake and caliper
  • Shocks
  • Wheel and steering
  • Exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Air conditionning system
  • Recommended maintenance
  • Replacement of oil, filters and straps.
  • Inspection of vehicule
  • Accessories
  • Camping cars and trailers maintenance

Body shop and car paintingWe provide professionnal body shop and car painting services in our shop in Montreal : Carrosserie Franklin Dubé.

Discover all the details of our body shop services

Tire sale and installation

Pneus Nokian


Dube Pneu et Mecanique is a tire store for your summer and winter tires. We sell all majors tires brands and models for your car and light truck. We could also provide you with different wheels and mags. Come to our workshop to ask for tires installation.

Ask us for your tire :

  • Tires sale
  • Tire installation
  • Flat tire repair
  • Mags and wheels installation

Consult our tire postal rebates for this season :

marques de pneus neufs en vente

Check engine lights

We always offer the recommended maintenance for your vehicle. Our technicians are trained to apply the manufacturers  scheduled maintenance plan for your automobile and light truck.

We will take care or all your oil change and filters verification.

Check engine lights

Dubé Pneu et Mécanique, it’s the place to diagnose your check engine lights on your dashboard. You always need to know the meaning of all the lights on your vehicle dashboard. Some lights like the “Check Engine” might inform you of important mechanical problem on your car.

Voyants check engine automobile

Fleet maintenance

We often help with the maintenance of commercial fleets. Our expertise in light truck maintenance and medium duty truck maintenance is well established, and we repair diesel engines.

We sell light trucks and fleet trucks accessories and parts.

Air conditioning service

We are equipped to inspect, maintain and repair your air conditioning system in your automobile.

The air conditioning system of your automobile is composed with several wearable parts. It’s important to inspect this system every 50 000 km (2 years) to avoid mechanical problem.

Diesel motor maintenance

We are equipped with modern tool for Diesel car and truck maintenance.

Trust our technicians to repair your motor Power Stroke, Duramax or TDI.

Towing service

We can help you with the towing of your vehicle in Montreal. During our opening hours, we will provide you a service of towing when you need mechanical repairs.

Camping car maintenance (RV)

We propose maintenance and repair for your recreational vehicle (RV) of different types like “camping car”, “fifth wheel” and other trailers. Here are some of our services :

  • Brake inspection and replacement;
  • Oil change and filters replacement;
  • Mechanical parts change;
  • Tire installation;
  • Sale and installation of accessories for trailers and trucks.

Accessories and hitch

We distribute and install different accessories for automobile and light trucks.

  • Hitch;
  • Mounted towing bracket and coupling ball;
  • Roof box;
  • Supports and racks for sports goods;
  • Bike rack;
  • Accessoires for light truck and pickup;
  • Accessories for commercial trucks;
  • Foot board;
  • Stone Guard.

Windshield replacement

We could take care of your windshield repair or replacement. We replace all windshields in our workshop with professional installation.

Trust our technicians for your automobile glass and windshield repair.